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MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Releases Report on Status of Claims

Bankruptcy Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, who is overseeing the MtGox bankruptcy case, has released a reportdetailing the progress of claims that were submitted by victims of the fraud. According to figures stated in the report, the total amount of BTC that is being held by the bankruptcy estate currently stands at 202,163.41191816. There is still an ongoing investigation by Kobayashi into the missing MtGox coins and any newly-found BTC may still …
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Australian Authorities Clear Banks in Bitcoin Account Suspension Probe

The Australian Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (ACCC) has decided that several banks did not violate any statutes in closing the accounts of several digital currency companies across the country. The investigation was prompted when the Australian Financial Times published a scathing piece in September of last year, which claimed that seventeen bitcoin companies had received letters from their banks that stated that they would lose access to their accounts. …
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Possible bitcoin creator, Craig Wright, is under criminal investigation for tax issues

Craig Wright, who is still suspected as the possible creator of bitcoin by the community, is now the centre of a criminal investigation with serious allegations, handled by the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) evasion and CI unit. According to recent reports, it seems like the Australian Federal Police alongside with the ATO have been reviewing claims associated with millions of dollars paid to companies owned or associated with Wright. During …
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