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FundRequest and Indorse partner to Certify and Reward Open Source Developers on the Blockchain

FundRequest, a decentralized marketplace built for open source collaboration, has announced a partnership with Indorse, a reward-based decentralized professional social network where users can control their data, to match talented and certified open source developers with available projects, bounties and jobs. FundRequest is a decentralized marketplace that provides a unique protocol for funding open source development and collaboration. It allows anybody to fund projects across the entire open source space, …
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Ethereum Based Startup “Indorse” Seeks to Disrupt Reputation and Personal Branding Online

Indorse, a new social platform built on Ethereum, backed by blockchain business accelerator Coinsilium, is changing the landscape of social networking for professionals. Through a disruptive approach of peer-to-peer validation of people‚Äôs professional reputation and branding, Indorse is offering what other platforms are unable to provide to users – ownership of data and true social collateral which attests to the validity of their accomplishments. Already having met the Pre-Sale limit …
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