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ICO Watchlist Report: Which Are the Most (and Least) Profitable ICOs of 2018 So Far?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is fast becoming main stream just as the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology that power it. Disruptive enterprises and projects in the world of blockchain technology have decided to side-step regular venture capital funding processes and general crowd funding models to institute a crypto-community based system of funding start-ups and projects. And this method has proven worthwhile as very early stage companies have recorded successes in raising …
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New Tool Helps ICO Investors Track ROI

The ICOWatchlist.com platform has been recently equipped with an ROI indicator to assist ICO investors track the returns on their contributions. This additional feature was informed by increasing market demands since a number of early coin adopters were largely having difficulties in gauging their gains or losses as against tokens acquired during ICOs. This new ROI indicator informs the crypto investor on how much return each token acquired has generated …
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