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Top 5 Historic Bitcoin Moments

Ever since bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, there have been so many great moments to be experienced in the cryptocurrency world. Several of these milestones have determined the future of bitcoin as we know it today. Although bitcoin has a bit of a colorful past – to say the least – one cannot deny the resilience of this currency. In fact, it only makes the future of bitcoin even …
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Mycelium iOS suffers from a major bug causing disappearing transactions

Mycelium is a bitcoin wallet app available on the iOS and Android devices, recently a bug has been discovered by the user markcoll¬†from r/Bitcoin. After sending a transaction if you don’t reach the final send screen or the app hangs up, after restarting the app the transaction history doesn’t update as if no transaction was sent – which makes sense. However, when trying to send a second transaction both transaction …
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The History of Bitcoin In Ten Minutes Or Less

For many people, it is impossible to grasp the history of Bitcoin and its success so far, even though the popular digital currency has only been around for a handful of years so far. Futurism posted an interesting infographic that will tell people the entire history of Bitcoin so far or at last, the parts that really matter. Keeping in mind how there are always things going on in the …
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