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Hedge Token Launched September 15th

The Hedge Token team will revolutionise the way investors, evangelists and speculators view and interact on crypto markets. By creating Indices (like the S&P 500), Crypto Traded Indices™ (Crypto Exchange Traded Funds) and a suite of crypto-derivative hedging instruments – according to Hedge Project funding milestones. Hedge Token is bringing ‘Crypto Street’ to ‘Main Street’, where the average investor has the tools of a Wall Street professional. Whether you are …
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Hedge Token – The Next S&P Index of Crypto

Hedge Token is launching its ICO on September 15th, 2017 at 12:00 PM (GMT+2), creating the first professionally created, rulebook-based Crypto Top 30 Index and Crypto Traded Indices™. You will be able to buy the Crypto market, with Just One-Click. It’s as easy as email and as secure as Fort Knox. THE NEXT S&P INDEX OF CRYPTO The Hedge Token team hope to revolutionize the way investors, evangelists and speculators view …
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