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Blockchain in Retail: How Hamster Marketplace Ensures End-to-End Sales, Service, and Defect Tracking

Hamster Marketplace is a decentralized platform for the sale of unique and indie electronics with no middlemen. The foundational ideas of the project are direct partnership with device manufacturers, collective management of the platform by the vendors, as well as state-of-the-art advances in inventory, data analysis, and delivery tracking. The plan is to create several key systems that will favorably distinguish Hamster Marketplace from other platforms. These systems include a …
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Hamster Marketplace Presents First Blockchain Platform to Sell Innovative Electronics

February 19 marked the launch of the ICO for Hamster Marketplace, the first decentralized retail platform offering gadgets and niche electronics. The project was created to directly connect small manufacturers of exclusive electronics with their target audience and to solve the central problems of retail: excess middlemen, high markups, and limited choices. The dominance of major networks has led to a dissonance in online retail. The lion’s share of the …
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