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Why GPUs are Ideal for Deep Learning

Computer processors are designed to handle pretty much anything. However, CPUs are very restricted and as such, can only perform certain mathematical calculations. Highly complicated combinations are off the table due to very long processing time. Graphics cards, on the other hand, have become so specialized that they surpass traditional processors when it comes to rendering large amounts of complex calculations. Some examples include pedestrian detection for autonomous driving, medical …
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AMD Will Release Dedicated GPUs to Accelerate Machine Learning Applications

AMD will offer dedicated solutions to tackle the artificial intelligence, machine learning niches. AMD Radeon Instinct is the name of the new family of GPUs aimed at the high-performance computing market.  We all love video games, products of the ever-rising entertainment industry that allow us to enjoy our free time without having to leave our homes. Computer games demand intensive computing power, and that’s why GPUs exist. But this time AMD, one …
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New AMD Video Card Fails To Comply With PCI-E Specifications

The global semiconductor company, Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) is the center of some critics, the company recently launched a new wave of Video cards (GPUs) that apparently, fails to comply with the PCI-E specifications, drawing an excessive amount of current from the motherboard slots. AMD and Nvidia are the two main companies behind the production of video cards -containing Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), the specialized hardware chips that process the images …
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