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Gemini introduces Instant ACH deposit feature for quicker trading

In a recent blog post, the popular Bitcoin exchange Gemini has announced that they’ve just made the process of depositing bitcoin much faster. To compensate for the change, they’re also making depositing dollars faster as well. Based on this, the Winklevoss twins have introduced a new feature, known by the name of Instant ACH, meant to allow customers to quickly deposit US dollars for trading. The process behind it is …
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New York Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Unveils New Fee and Rebate Schedule

Bitcoin exchange Gemini, which was founded by the Winklevoss twins in New York, has announced a new fee and rebate schedule today in a post on the official Gemini blog. The changes affect mainly the flat fee schedule, which has been switched to a new real-time and dynamically adjustable “maker-taker” fee structure. According to Cameron Winklevoss’ post, traders on Gemini will be given a 30-day window of time, where they …
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