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Gatecoin CEO Reveals $2 Million Loss in Hacking Incident

On Saturday, Gatecoin CEO Aurélien Menant, released a statement that details the nature of the hack and how the exchange managed to lose 15% of client’s digital currency deposits. Gatecoin has always kept 95% of all customer funds in multi-signature cold wallets, however, the hacker managed to alter Gatecoin systems in such a way as to divert ETH deposits away from these secure cold wallets. Aurélien Menant explained: “However, the …
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Gatecoin Exchange is Investigating a Possible Hack

Gatecoin, the regulated cryptocurrency exchange is investigating a potential leak of funds in its hotwallet, employees of Gatecoin detected last night what appeared to be suspicious transactions, and decided to shut down the exchange to prevent further losses. Gatecoin tweeted a message announcing that the exchange’s website was down due to the high risk of leakage in one of the Hotwallets -the wallets that hold funds for day to day transactions-. The website has …
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Bitcoin Exchange Gatecoin Joins The SuperCharger Accelerator in Hong Kong

Digital currency exchange Gatecoin has joined The SuperCharger FinTech accelerator program. Gatecoin was founded in 2013 by Aurélien Menant, a former investment banker, and is currently domiciled in Hong Kong. The Supercharger program mainly focuses on innovative financial start-ups that are aiming to expand into the Asian markets. Backers of the program include Standard Chartered, Baidu and TusPark Global Network. The accelerator began on the 11th of January and accepted …
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