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R3 Consortium planning to raise $200 million for new blockchain company

According to recent reports, it seems like the R3 Consortium, a financial innovation company, is planning to raise a total of $200 million from its partner banks. The funds are meant to be invested as equity stakes in a new company that will run blockchain applications, for various financial institutions. While the plans do seem quite ambitious, sources say that negotiations are already taking place and that R3 is planning …
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Security Offerings Become The New Crowdfunding For Startups

Raising funds is one of the top priorities for nearly every startup in existence, regardless of whether they have a working product or not. Crowdfunding portals can soon be used by startups to sell shares to investors, rather than using the traditional reward option such as on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Startups Have An Easier Time To Raise Capital As of next Monday, small businesses and startups will be able to …
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Holding an ICO or IPO Is Less Favorable For Altcoin Projects

Digital currency enthusiasts will be pleased to hear the era of IPOS and ICOs is slowly coming to an end. Especially the altcoin scene has seen far too many ICOs and IPOS throughout the years, most of which turned out to be a complete scam in the end. It has taken quite some time, but the business world has come to the conclusion that going public is bad publicity for …
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