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Tor-inspired Privacy Features Are Coming To Mozilla Firefox

In a surprising turn of events, the Mozilla team has announced they will be adding more privacy features to their upcoming Firefox releases. More importantly, they will use some of the Tor features to achieve this goal. This news is not entirely surprising, albeit it has taken some time until the partnership between both parties resulted in this change. More Privacy In Firefox is A Good Thing Back in 2014, …
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Tor Browser 6.0 Is Now Available For Download

A new version of the Tor client has been released, and can be downloaded by the public as of right now. Update 6.0 of the Tor browser is based on Firefox 45 Extended Support Release and brings some new features. The biggest focus is on enhancing privacy and security, as well as making DuckDuckGo the default search engine. What Is New In Tor Browser 6.0? Now that the Tor Browser …
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