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UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Issues Consumer Warning on ICOs

Countries around the world have been contemplating how to best handle cryptocurrency ICOs and token sales in general. In most cases, these tokens are considered securities, subject to regulatory scrutiny. The United Kingdom is one of the countries actively keeping close tabs on these projects. Its Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently issued a warning on initial coin offerings, although there is no indication of impending regulation whatsoever. UK’s FCA Warns About Cryptocurrency ICOs More …
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The End Is Near For OneCoin As London Police Launches Investigation

Every cryptocurrency user in the world is well aware of the scam people know as OneCoin. Although this program is promising the stars and the moon to investors, it is an obvious Ponzi Scheme that will wreak havoc on people’s finances. The London Police are now investigating this scheme, and it is only a matter of time until it collapses. Game Over For OneCoin In The UK? For quite some …
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UK FCA Will Greenlight Several Blockchain Companies Soon

Blockchain businesses attract a lot of attention, even though there is still some uncertainty regarding regulation. Over the United Kingdom, the financial watchdog is considering to approve several blockchain firms using Bitcoin technology. This is a rather surprising turn of events, albeit a sign the legitimacy of this technology will not be questioned much longer. The UK FCA Warms Up To Blockchain Firms Finding an open-minded regulating body has not …
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