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Ethereum Classic Price Gets a 10% Pump From South Korean Speculators

Even though almost all altcoins are losing value at the moment, there is one currency which has successfully bucked the trend. It is not Bitcoin Cash for once, as that party is seemingly over for the time being. Instead, we are seeing the Ethereum Classic price going up by leaps and bounds. It’s an interesting development, especially considering that the Bitcoin price has been setting new all-time highs every other day throughout the …
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Ethereum Classic Price Returns to Double Digits Thanks to China Volume

The cryptocurrency power rankings get shaken up on a regular basis these days. While Bitcoin is still the dominant market leader, things are not necessarily evolving in the right direction for some of the altcoins. Ethereum Classic is showing some big gains over the past 24 hours, which is significant considering all other currencies show plenty of volatility right now. The Ethereum Classic price is heading back to US$11.50, which is …
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