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Purse.io Launches Bitcoin Escrow Service for Pre-orders

Purse.io, popular bitcoin marketplace and escrow service, has launched a new payment option called Purse Pre, which allows customers to pay in bitcoin for popular pre-order items. According to the official Purse.io blog, purchases made on Purse Pre are locked into an escrow account until the customer receives the item. Consumers will also be given the option of retrieving their bitcoin by canceling their order. Pre-order merchandise can be a …
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Using A Bitcoin Smart Contract To Transfer Domain Ownership

Smart contracts are the new hype right now. Although a lot of people would automatically look towards Ethereum for making this technology possible in the real world, it is certainly possible to use the Bitcoin blockchain for this purpose as well. Transferring ownership of a domain name, for example, is just one of the many examples of how this technology can change the way we do things on a daily …
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Escrowmybits Review

Escrow services are of the utmost importance in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Since most people are dealing with unknown parties over┬áthe Internet, it can be helpful to have someone watch over the funds until the item or service has been delivered as advertised. Escrow services, such as the ones provided by Escrowmybits, protect the buyer in every transaction, preventing them from losing bitcoins. Also read: Crypto-Mine Review …
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