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EOS Price Inches Closer to $15 as Bulls Regain Control

Cryptocurrency traders all over the world are pleased to see the markets heading back in the right direction. This is good news for currencies which lost a lot of value recently such as EOS. More specifically, the EOS price dipped all the way to US$8 after setting an all-time high at US$18.05 not that long ago. Reclaiming this lost territory will not be an easy feat, but it seems the EOS …
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EOS Price Flies Past $18 as $20 Becomes a new Target

Even though weekends are usually terrible times to trade cryptocurrencies, this weekend is shaping up rather nicely already. All markets are in the green right now, and various currencies have noted major gains in the past 24 hours. The EOS price has successfully overcome most of its issues earlier this week. In fact, we are now looking at an EOS price of $18.3. Very impressive gains, although the market will …
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EOS Price Seems to Be Stabilizing Near $10

It is evident that a lot of things are happening in the world of cryptocurrency right now. The current market cap rankings look a little different from what people expected. In particular, the EOS price has seen some solid momentum over the past week, although it’s struggled to remain above US$12. Right now, stabilizing the EOS price around US$10 seems to be the top priority for the community. Whether or not that …
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