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7 Trends in Cryptocurrency That Entrepreneurs Should Know About

In the past several years, the online payment environment has consistently embraced new possibilities. In the present moment, payments can be made through simple forms in which you add some information, click a button, and poof, you’re done. However, every payment that we make bounds us to our bank accounts. Most of the money that we earn, own, or spend is being tracked by one or more governments. There are lots of …
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Transistor Berlin Co-working Space Accepts Bitcoin Payments

While Bitcoin offers a lot of value in the financial world, the popular digital currency can be used for various other reasons as well. A new co-working space has opened up in Kreuzberg, Berlin, which will be quite beneficial to entrepreneurs and startups active in the region. What makes Transistor Berlin even more interesting is how they accept Bitcoin payments, putting the popular digital currency on the map in Germany. …
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Selling Items For Digital Currency Lets Anyone Become An Entrepreneur

People have offered the weirdest things for sale in exchange for Bitcoin throughout the years. Everything began with the 10,000 Bitcoin pizza ordered by a Bitcoin enthusiast in 2010. Fast forward to today and people are selling cars and even kiosks in exchange for the popular digital currency. But is this a viable business model? Also read: How To Convert a Visa Gift Card to Bitcoin Bitcoin is More Popular …
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