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Anonymous email provider Tutanota integrates bitcoin payments

Chances are that you may have heard about Tutanota, an innovative company that aims to grant people from all around with a truly anonymous email service. By automatically encrypting all data, and offering an open source platform you can be sure that your email is viewed only by the desired party. In light of their two year anniversary and the one million users milestone, Tutanota has released a blog post, …
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TrueCrypt Is Relatively Safe But Better Solutions Are Needed

Encryption is a trending topic these days and there have been many reports over the past few months regarding which encryptions are safe. TrueCrypt has come under attack by various researchers and studies recently, although it turns out that this encryption tool is much safer than most would assume. Do keep in mind there is no such thing as a 100% secure solution, though. Also read: Commonwealth Bank of …
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Quick to blame encryption, but Paris police find Phone with unencrypted SMS

In the wake of the recent Paris terrorist attack, the EU and U.S governments haven taken a harsher stance on encryption. G7, a group of central bankers and governors of major economies, plan to tighten regulations on fin tech companies, which use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The office of Manhattan DA even went as far as to write a white paper asking to remove encryption from smartphones and any other devices that …
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