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Anonymous email provider Tutanota integrates bitcoin payments

Chances are that you may have heard about Tutanota, an innovative company that aims to grant people from all around with a truly anonymous email service. By automatically encrypting all data, and offering an open source platform you can be sure that your email is viewed only by the desired party. In light of their two year anniversary and the one million users milestone, Tutanota has released a blog post, …
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Beware of the Coinbase Phishing Scam

In the world of cyber crime, there are two types of criminals. There are the ones who are actually skilled to commit a high level fraud and then there are those low life spammers who target on the gullibility of their victims to execute their little scam. Bitcoin, due to its untraceable nature like cash have attained the curiosity of outlaws from all around. Several Bitcoin users on Reddit have reported …
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