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DOJ Feels The FBI Did Nothing Wrong During The PlayPen Investigation

Ever since the FBI got involved in the PlayPen case, there have been more questions than answers. Infiltrating a Tor forum is not an easy task, and the FBI ran PlayPen for quite some time. Earlier evidence seemed to indicate their actions only increased the number of pedophiles attracted to this platform. But the Department of Justice feels law enforcement did nothing of the sort to improve the child porn …
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DOJ’s Ovie Carroll: “Tor Helps Protect Sensitive User Information”

Tor has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny over the years. Various government officials frown upon anonymity software for Internet usage. At the same time, the DOJ’s Ovie Carroll is a strong advocate of using Tor to protect personal information. An exciting clash of visions,  but also a positive sign for the Tor project. Using Tor Against Data Breaches and Identity Theft For quite some time now, there …
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Blockchain A Valuable Ally for DOJ In Fight Against Deceptive Dietary Supplements

There are various ways to create fake or counterfeit goods. The US Department of Justice will be pursuing both civil and criminal cases against the creators and marketers of dietary supplements. While most of these products are perfectly legal, there is an alarming rate of fake and deceptive products in circulation. Blockchain technology can be of aid to this investigation, albeit it’s doubtful the DOJ will pursue that line of action anytime …
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