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Ripple Opens New London Office To Serve European Customers

When it comes to the debate on which digital currency has the better chance to make it to the mainstream in the near future, Ripple is hardly ever part of the discussion. That seems only normal, as Ripple is not a decentralized currency by any means, but rather a centralized system with a private blockchain. Despite all of that, the project continues to grow all over the world, and they …
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Visa Research Job Opening Hints At Future Blockchain Solutions

Many established financial players are exploring the boundaries and possibilities of distributed ledger technology these days. Visa, the world’s leading credit card issuer, is on that list as well, as a recent job opening on their website hints as at a new project revolving around scalable blockchain-based solutions. Expanding technology research capabilities is of major importance to institutions like Visa Research, which creates additional jobs to boot. Also read: Buying …
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Royal Bank of Canada Expands Experimentation with Blockchain Tech

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), one of Canada’s largest financial institutions with close to $343 billion of assets under management, has revealed that it is expanding its experimentation with blockchain technology. In November of last year, RBC announced that it was implementing a distributed ledger loyalty points program for its customers, in order to get its clients familiar with the novel technology. In a recent interview with CoinDesk, Linda Mantia, …
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