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Smart Contract Crowdsales Are The Future of Raising Funds

Now that the first DAO crowdsale has been a major success, the question becomes whether or not a mind shift will take place in the world of Bitcoin and altcoin ICO’s. Raising funds is an integral part of startups and companies, but an ICO has such a negative ring to it that most people will not trust these crowdsale rounds. A smart contracted-based crowdsale is quite appealing, and it could …
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Digix DAO Reaches Funding Target In Under 12 Hours

Although crowdsale efforts are nothing new under the sun in the world of digital currency, it does not happen all that often to see projects reach their funding goals in less than a day. Digix DAO is on that list for sure, as their crowdsale started earlier today, and was closed in less than twelve hours from starting. Raising a lot of money is not an easy task, but for …
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