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The State of Decentralization In The Bitcoin Space

When it comes to Bitcoin development itself, there are some people who strongly feel a few people are controlling the future of this popular digital currency. There are quite a  few different Bitcoin Core contributors, but the overall decision-making seems to revolve around ideas by the same few individuals. Ever since Bitcoin XT started rearing its head, the community has been divided into a few camps. Also read: Credit Card …
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Turkey Blocks Reddit Access – Decentralized Social Networks Are Needed

The concept of freedom of speech is great on paper, but it doesn’t seem to every practical by any means. China has its “Great Firewall”, effectively cutting off the country from most foreign websites that can not be controlled by the government. Russia’s Internet watchdog is trigger-happy on getting certain websites blocked, and now the Turkish government has decided to block all traffic to the Reddit platform. It’s a good …
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