Tag: Data Theft

Former NSA Contractor Faces 30 years In Prison For Data Theft

Harold Thomas Martin, a former NSA employee has gotten himself in quite a bit of trouble since departing the agency. Federal prosecutors claim to have evidence of him┬ástealing classified information. In fact, this indictment marks the largest classified information theft in US history, as several terabytes of data may have been obtained illegally. An intriguing story that puts the NSA in an even worse spotlight than before. NSA Contractor Takes …
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Swiss Defense Contractor RUAG Breach Results in 23GB Of Stolen Data

Swiss defense contractor RUAG was hacked recently and the assailants obtained 23GB of data. These numbers were recently revealed as part of an investigation by Melani, an IT security firm hired by RUAG. For the time being, it remains unclear as to who is behind this breach. RUAG Breach Is More Severe Than Initially Assumed With 23 gigabytes of sensitive information stolen from a defense contractor, the repercussions of the …
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