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DARFchain (Waves-DEX: DARF) Offers Strategic Decision to ICOs Audit in Real Time for Cryptofunds and Cryptoinvestors

DARFChain offers to crypto funds and crypto investors public verifiable smart escrow system using “proof of accounting” (“PoAcc”) trusted oracles network  and “DARFBoard” as an instrument to  to control and audit of spends and execution of ICO/DAO projects. Regarding the last month report of the data provider Novum Insights, in period from January through September 2017, ICOs generated $2.2 billion, more than three times the amount invested in similar startups by …
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The DARFChain Project Made Integration ERP and Blockchain on Open-source Solutions

A new age of digital economy is here! The modern digital industry these days is not limited only to robotics or virtual design media. New technologies like blockchain change the style of business and dramatically enhances its capabilities making business processes transparent and efficient. These changes are the opportunity to expand and create new markets and even more – the new economy. However, the growing markets require more legal and …
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