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Traditional Crime Takes a Back Seat to Cyber Crime in a U.K. Study

Cybercrime as we all know is on the rise all over the world. Bank robberies happening from the comfort of one’s home, where the robbers don’t even have to leave they’re computer chairs. It seems that one place in particular, the UK, is the number of cybercrimes has passed those of traditional crimes. The UK’s National Crime Agency is blaming the rise in cybercrime on the “rapid pace of technology” …
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The Commonwealth to release blockchain-based messaging system for law enforcement

During the last couple of years, cybercrime has gotten significantly worse due to the establishment of the Internet era. According to recent reports, The Commonwealth, which is a voluntary association made up of 53 countries, has announced a project that aims to develop a blockchain app to help combat cross-border crime. The app, which will be developed via a joint venture between The Commonwealth and the Digital Identity Security Company, …
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