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Customers And Enterprises Suffer From “Security Fatigue” Due To Lack of Convenience

Although it is very clear companies all over the world will have to step up their security game, an adverse effect is taking place. With so many reports about hacks and data breaches, it seems that consumers are preparing to throw in the towel. The number of software updates and unique passwords to remember is becoming overwhelming for the average user. Security Is Not Convenient, But It Is Needed The …
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US Economy Should Fear Hackers And Bankers Equally

As if anyone in the US needed further confirmation, hackers can indeed harm the economy quite a bit. A new report by the Department of Treasury goes to show how the cybercrime landscape continues to evolve and pose new threats. The government is concerned over the threats posed by hackers, as they have a big bag of tricks at their disposal. Hackers Are A Grave Threat To The US Economy …
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SEC Chief Voices Concerns Over US Financial Structure Cyber Security

The topics of cyber security and finance do not seem to mix well, and the situation is direr than ever before for the US financial system. That was the statement SEC Chief Mary Jo White made earlier this week, as she feels US financial system cyber policies are inadequately equipped. SEC Chief Fears For US Financial Cybersecurity There has been more focus on cyber security in the financial sector than …
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