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Cryptsy’s orderbook bug causes significant BTC losses

 Crypty’s bug causes btc losses The altcoin land is full of excitement and trouble. The all popular bitcoin exchange Cryptsy has been found to have a bug related to it’s trading engine. What is it? The bug has been pointed out on reddit by prohashing, which is an altcoin mining pool. They are a multipool which allows the mining of any coin. In short, prohashing is able to pay out users in bitcoin …
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Why Bitcoin is rising

  Why? As of today, May 25th Bitcoin has gone up over 100$ in the past week. Why is Bitcoin following such an uptrend after months of trouble and decline. Some argue that the price has been steady for long enough and now investors are hungry and are looking to profit, other’s are saying that more people are finding out about Bitcoin and want a piece of the currency. Despite …
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