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Nearly 7,000 Bitcoin ATMs are in Operation Today

The growth of the Bitcoin ATM industry often goes by without much fanfare. Even so, with nearly 7,000 of these machines in circulation globally, things are looking very good.  Making cryptocurrencies more accessible can be done in many different ways. The Future Looks Bright for Bitcoin ATMs A Bitcoin ATM is a good solution for those with cash in their pocket. Various manufacturers and operators compete for traction on a  …
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What Is XPA Cryptocurrency?

XPA is one of the newer blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems with a clear mission. More specifically, the project focuses on bringing blockchain asset management to a whole new level, which is something a fair few projects are trying to achieve. Succeeding in this regard will not be easy, but XPA is certainly worth keeping an eye on. The Concept of XPA Bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and real-world assets is …
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