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Credits.Energy ICO is now LIVE

Credits.Energy, the “crypto with a mobile mining app that supports green energy,” aims to virtually eliminate the cost of supporting renewable energy. We asked Credits.Energy COO, Jared Wells, to explain what the current barriers to entry are in the renewable energy market:  “Mainstream adoption of solar and wind power is all about efficiency. Obviously, if I put a solar panel on my house, I need batteries to harness that power …
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Credits.Energy – New Revolutionary Cryptocurrency with Mobile Mining App Aims to Support RENEWABLE Energy and SUSTAINABLE Projects

CRED (CX) is a new state of the art universal cryptocurrency with its own mobile app that is dedicated to supporting renewable energy and solving the pesky issues posed by other cryptocurrencies. Denver, CO. March 2018. A new unique cryptocurrency is set to introduce a historic chapter in the digital currency space. For the first time it will not just be about an investment—rather, it’s an “investment with a purpose.” …
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