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The New Remote Worker Economy

In the past few decades, tech has changed the way we work – in 2016, 85% or global business was done by virtual teams. Changing work also includes changing needs – with tech, a whole new set of needs are necessary to help everyone involved function properly. Workers want always improving processes, collaborative workplaces, and access to the latest technology to help them excel in this changing environment. More employers …
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New Jersey Confirms its First Novel Coronavirus Death

The novel coronavirus pandemic creates a lot of havoc globally. In the United States, more and more regions are being locked down, as the number of patients continues to increase rapidly. China claims that the novel coronavirus problem is virtually over. Coronavirus Continues to Spread in the US In the rest of the world, the number of victims and patients continues to skyrocket. Even in the United States, things are …
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The US now has Over 560 Novel Coronavirus Cases

The novel coronavirus crisis in the United States shows no signs of improving anytime soon. More people are confirmed to be infected, and the numbers will only grow worse. Whereas many people claim this is merely the flu, the current statistics seem to indicate something else entirely. More Novel Coronavirus Cases As things stand now, there are 566 novel coronavirus cases in the United States. Last Friday, there were just …
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