COTI Partners with Fantom, Taking Technology Beyond the Blockchain

24th May, 2019, Tel-Aviv, Israel While blockchain technology has provided a means of processing transactions in a decentralized fashion, it has faced a number of issues, including low scalability, high costs and slow confirmation speeds. To address these issues, a new technology based on the directed acyclic graph (DAG) was developed and is used both by COTI and Fantom to provide scalability and low fees. Turbo Transactions Fantom’s high TPS and low time to finality (TTF) …
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COTI Signs Up over 2,000 Merchants to its Crypto Payments Service

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 18 2018 – COTI is leading the way in the adoption of cryptocurrency across mainstream markets. Since mid-April, over 2,000 professional e-commerce merchants from around the globe have signed up to use COTI’s payments system, in addition to over 50,000 platform users. They have signed up to the alpha net version of COTI’s platform, in anticipation of the full launch later this summer, demonstrating that COTI’s …
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