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Five Ways People Actively Promote Bitcoin

Promoting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not an easy task these days, but there are some interesting ideas to be found all over the world. The Great Canadian Water Co. has come up with a mockup design for Bitcoin water bottles. In fact, they will be sold for Bitcoin if there is enough demand to produce these labels. Promoting Bitcoin Through Different Means When promoting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, the …
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Yours Mixes Bitcoin With Content Discovery

The future of content creation in the media world is very uncertain these days. Advertisement models are on their way out, and paywalls do not work all that well either. Yours, a new platform for content creators, might hold some of the solutions content creators have been looking for. Making Money With Content On The Yours Platform It is important to note the Yours platform – formerly known as Datt …
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Making Money With Bitcoin – Content Creation Paywalls

There are several ways for content creators to monetize their creations and get paid in Bitcoin while doing so. Tools like ProTip and ChangeTip are perfect for smaller amounts of money and donations, whereas Popchest seems to take a similar approach but by using worldwide micro paywalls for all types of media. In fact, it seems like the service is mostly targeting video content. Also read: Bitcoin Education – How To …
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