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WikiLeaks Exposes CIA For Using Malware To Hack All Kinds of Consumer Devices

WikiLeaks once again made some media headlines earlier this week. By announcing how the CIA hacking tools had been revealed, WikiLeaks got everybody’s attention right away. Unfortunately, that was only the tip of the iceberg, as the list of associated confidential documents are¬†what really piqued people’s interest. Moreover, it appears the CIA lost control over most of its hacking arsenal. WikiLeaks Exposes Dirty CIA Secrets Although most people have no …
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The CIA Prepares A Major Cyber Attack Against Russia

The situation between the United States and Russia will soon take a turn for the worse. There is a rumor circulating regarding the CIA preparing for a large-scale cyber attack against Russia. For now it remains unknown what the exact target will be, although the reasoning behind this plan is not all that difficult to find. A New Cyber War Is Brewing And It Is Coming Quickly Not too long …
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Unlimited Warrantless Searches For The FBI Are On The Horizon

Not too long ago, we reported how the FBI will soon be able to get a warrant to hack any computer with anonymity software, regardless of what this software is being used for. But that is not the only cause of concern, as the number of warrantless searches is growing month over month. The Role of NSA and FBI In Privacy The number of warrantless searches has doubled between 2013 …
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