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Cardano Price Surpasses $1 Milestone for the First Time

It is safe to say we live in very interesting times when it comes to cryptocurrencies. A lot of money is flowing into this ecosystem, although not all of it may end up where it should be. While diversification in the cryptocurrency world is always advised, it is unclear what is driving the Cardano price. Especially now that it has surpassed US$1, there are still a lot of questions which will …
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Cardano Price Surges to $0.50, Up 76% Against Bitcoin

It has been a rather interesting past few weeks for Cardano. Although most people still aren’t sure why this cryptocurrency is around or why its price is so high, things are certainly firing on all cylinders. Thanks to more strong gains over the past 24 hours, we have seen the Cardano price surge to US$0.50 once again. This has pushed the currency’s market capitalization all the way to US$13 billion, which is …
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