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Volatility Hits Ethereum’s Price – One-Month Low Followed by Quick Increase

Volatility is often common for popular digital currencies, but Ethereum is taking things to another level. A couple of hours ago, the ether-dollar (ETH-USD) exchange price managed to fall to US$275, which represents its lowest trading level since the 23rd of September. However, the price quickly recovered and hit US$311 a few hours later. The last 24 hours of trading have shown an interesting trend for ETH-USD, considering the fact that the …
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Top 10 Cryptos Show Signs of Bullish Run Next Week

Not much has changed for most cryptocurrencies over the last few hours. Bitcoin is, together with Monero, the only currency in the top 10 noting a small loss, whereas most other coins have stabilized or regained a portion of their losses. Considering how the weekend is often a dreadful period for cryptocurrency trading, this overall trend is rather positive. The total crypto market cap is headed toward US$90B, which is also a …
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Bitcoin Technical Analysis for 04/16/2016 – Broken Triangle

BTC has emerged from a broken triangle to the upside, which we had previously written about. Here is the long term picture on the daily chart: We are above all the downward sloping trendlines connecting the previous highs. On a shorter timeframe 4 Hr chart we also broke out of our recent triangle (see below). Using the height of the triangle the bulls target would be $500 see blue lines …
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