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Gold Prices Plummet By 6% As Experts Predict December Interest Rate Hike

The gold market is going through some unusual changes right now. Although there is a surging demand from regions such as India, the overall gold price is crashing hard. In fact, its value dropped by 6% on Thursday and Friday, which is quite surprising. It appears that investors deem precious metals too”risky” to invest in right now. Gold Value Reaches New Low Since 2013 It has not been a good …
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Bitgold Enables Gold Purchases With Ethereum

Ethereum has been on the minds of many people as of late, and it looks like the use cases for Ether are increasing slowly but surely. Bitgold has enabled Ethereum payments for bullion gold, which is a welcome addition to this currency. Bitcoin and credit cards are accepted as well. Bitgold Enables Ethereum Payments For quite some time now, a lot of people in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency …
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Why Are Gold and Bitcoin Not Suited For Criminal Activity?

With all of the financial woes taking place all over the world, consumers and enterprises are starting to look for alternative forms of finance. Some people are even considering going back to hiding money under a mattress, but that is not the most secure solution. In fact, there is a bit of a discussion going on as to why “bad” people don’t put all of their money in precious metals, …
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