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Binance Asks Users to Give Back Erroneously Credited BitTorrent Token Balances

The Binance exchange is the biggest crypto trading platform in the world today. This is primarily because of its variety of markets, but also the professional service users can benefit from. For some users, however, it appears as if the recent BTT distribution has caused some friction. Sending BTT to the Wrong Users It is not uncommon for exchanges to distribute airdrops in an incorrect manner. While that is something …
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BitTorrent Token Price Faces Bearish Pressure Near the 27 Satoshi Level

Although the current BitTorrent Token momentum is not necessarily all that promising, there is no significant decline to speak of either. Even though there is some minor bearish pressure after the excitement calmed down, it seems the 27 Satoshi value will be maintained after all. For most BitTorrent Token price speculators, that will be a promising development. BitTorrent Token Price Tries to Hold the Line The past 24 hours have …
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