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BitShares Technical Analysis for 12/22/2015 – Bear Market

BitShares recovered somewhat during the first half of November, but the second half of the month marked the start of another bear market. The 0.0000095 area has now turned into a major pivot zone, acting about four times as resistance since the beginning of November. The bear market started around November 16, and the trend line is clearly visible on the 4-hour chart. Price has fallen lower every single time …
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BitShares Technical Analysis for 12/04/2015 – Head&Shoulders Pattern

BitShares was trading around the 0.0000086 area since the 26th of November. The market bounced from this level very decisively today. The 0.0000086 area has now acted as support about four different times, and also once as resistance, when price was trading under it on the 30th of November. The 4-hour chart is also showing a very clear Head&Shoulders technical formation. This pattern is signaling that the market may be …
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BitShares Technical Analysis for 11/23/2015 – Lots of Pivot Zones

BitShares experience a lot of volatility during Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to $500, but the market has settled down significantly since that time. The 2-hour chart is showing that a major pivot zone has formed at 0.0000095. This level acted as resistance about four times between the 5th and 9th of November. Once price broke through this level on the 10th, this area then turned into support, when price retraced back …
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