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The Bitcoin Ecosystem is In Better Shape Than People Want You To Believe

It goes without saying there has been a lot of debates and discussions taking place in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency lately. However, various industry experts feel how everybody should calm down, as the situation is far less dire than imagined.There is no reason to think Bitcoin is losing momentum, let alone dying, simply because of a few misconceptions. Also read: Host Card Emulation is a Prime Example …
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Shorter Bitcoin Block Time Due To Hashrate Spike Is No Reason For Concern

People who have been paying close attention to the overall hashrate pointed to the Bitcoin network will have noticed the numbers increased by 50% over the past week. Part of this growth can be attributed to the new BitFury data center in Georgia, which makes use of the country’s cheaper energy solutions to bring additional mining hardware online. Some people are worried about the number of network blocks being generated …
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Bitcoin mining firm BitFury involved in lawsuit with ex CFO

Recent reports indicate that Bitcoin mining firm, BitFury has been hit by a lawsuit coming from its former chief financial officer (CFO), Mikhail Golomb. Court documents point out that the lawsuit was initially filed in April, when Golomb alleged that he was fired improperly by the company, in such a way that BitFury wouldn’t be needed to award him 2% of the business, as a form of equity compensation. Newly …
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