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StealthCoin – progressive and anonymous cryptocurrency

StealthCoin is an cryptocurrency that was launched on July 8th. It features the new X13 energy efficient algorithm, a POS stage after a reasonable POW period, and integration with the Tor network in order to provide true anonymity. There is going to be a small premine of 1% which will be used to fund further development in the coin. StealthCoin (XTS) is currently trading on Bittrex and Cryptoine for 0.00000890 BTC. Resources …
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Bitcoin nears 600 again, buy or sell?

Is the pre-auction dump over? We all know about the Auction that is happening on 6/27/14, will it put a dent in the Bitcoin market or will it cause it to rise? The answer depends on whether the buyers of the coins will hold them or sell them off.  In the past couple weeks Bitcoin was rallying up to the mid $600s and starting around June 10th is when the …
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1 BTC = $ 1000000000000000000

According to this math in 230 years Bitcoin will be worth 1 trillion $. Given that Bitcoin will keep following this logarithmic function make sure you put aside 0.01 BTC in paper wallets and save it somewhere. This is what heltok from reddit said: If we assume that bitcoin’s value will be the same, no growth in the US economy and US money supply keeps expanding at present rate, then 1BTC will …
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