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BitMEX Won’t Support Bitcoin Cash Due to Security Concerns

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork has caused a lot of confusion already. Some exchanges will support this token and fork, whereas other platforms have no interest in this chain split. One particular exchange feels that Bitcoin Cash offers nothing special and lacks two-way replay protection, among other things. It is quite interesting to see BitMEX taking such an aggressive stance toward this project, but its concerns can easily be justified. …
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Bitcoin Cash Cannot Use “BCC” Since It Belongs to BitConnectCoin

There are currently several thousand cryptocurrencies available to users. Not all of these coins will become successful altcoins in terms of price and adoption. With the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork, there is a significant problem which may set BCC back. The currency cannot use the BCC ticker, since it already exists on multiple altcoin exchanges. Bitcoin Cash Has a Branding Issue Most people will not pay much attention to Bitcoin Cash …
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Top 3 Exchanges Confirming Support for Bitcoin Cash Trading

With the Bitcoin Cash hard fork almost upon us, cryptocurrency exchanges find themselves in another awkward position. Even though we have gone through a similar struggle when Bitcoin Unlimited was announced, it now appears that multiple exchanges will support BCC trading. Regardless of how people feel about the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the token is becoming real come August 1st. 3. Livecoin Although Livecoin is a smaller altcoin exchange, the …
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