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Auctus Pre-sale Ends With Strong Numbers

Auctus conducted a pre-sale between October 3rd and 6th. The team behind Auctus, who is building a platform for blockchain-powered pension funds, using Ethereum smart contracts, raised a total of 959 ETH (approx. USD 300,000), from 254 distinct investor addresses. Auctus had capped the maximum contribution per investor at 10 ETH and participants had to pre-register, this in an effort to prevent large investors from dominating the pre-sale and giving …
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Auctus, an Ethereum Project Disrupting the $36.4 Trillion Pension Market

Auctus, a smart contracts-based blockchain platform, is targeting theĀ $36.4 trillion pension market using the Ethereum network and its immutable ledger. For the vast majority of workers and lifelong professionals, pensions are a vital component of their retirement savings. Over the past decade, with record low interest rates and more regulation, pension funds have become significantly more advanced by outsourcing asset management and concentrating risk in a minor part of their …
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