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eBay and OpenBazaar Is Not A Happy Marriage

Now that OpenBazaar has launched, anyone in the world is capable of selling their item online in exchange for a Bitcoin payment. But for those looking to link an eBay and OpenBazaar store together, it will likely result in account termination on the auction site. eBay and OpenBazaar Do Not Play Well Together On paper, there is absolutely nothing wrong with selling an item on OpenBazaar and eBay at the …
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Ether.Camp Shows Off Ethereum Smart Contract Use Cases

Ethereum smart contracts are getting a lot of attention these days, although very few people properly understand how they work. In a recent blog post by the Ether.Camp team, it became apparent as to how some of the more practical use cases of smart contracts already exist on the blockchain today. Transparency is an important aspect of the digital currency ecosystem as a whole, and a small explanation of how …
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Ukraine to Test Blockchain Asset Auction System

A developer team in Ukraine has released the code to their blockchain-powered state asset auction system. The project dubbed e-Auction, has been released for public testing on GitLab. In an interview with ForkLog, Lasha Antadze, lead developer of the project, said that the e-Auction system was borne out of the need for “minimising the existing corruption and mismanagement risks” within Ukraine’s current bureaucratic establishment. Antadze believes that a block blockchain-based …
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