Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft integrates AI to Form It’s Newest Supercomputer

During Microsoft’s Ignite Technology conference in Atlanta their CEO, Satya Nadella, revealed the newest piece of technology. It’s a powerful piece of silicon inside their cloud-oriented information centers. It gives Microsoft’s Azure platform a tremendous advantage in the artificial intelligence field. Microsoft has installed Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) in 15 countries across five different continents, all within the past two years. Microsoft dubbed the project “Project Catapult”. FPGA acts …
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Coinalytics Rebrands to Skry, Welcomes Prominent Big Data & A.I. Scientists

  Blockchain forensics firm Coinalytics announced today it is rebranding to Skry. The company also announced the appointment of several prominent big data and artificial intelligence professionals to its ranks. Dr. Akash Singh, who holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and worked on IBM’s Watson computing system for more than ten years, has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer for Skry. Dr. Singh will be overseeing the advancement of the …
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Smartphone App Fatigue Hints At Unison Between Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence

While most companies and developers in the financial world are only just now discovering the potential of mobile applications, they may be too far behind the evolutionary curve already. According to a recent study, smartphone users are less keen on installing additional applications to do the things they want on a regular basis. Furthermore, there is a large number of people who just stick to pre-installed apps loaded onto their phone, …
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