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Bitcoin Price In Nigeria Spikes To US$1,250 Amid Liquidity Concerns

Bitcoin prices are hitting an all-time high in several parts of the world, even though the USD and CNY markets are dipping slightly. Over in Nigeria, the price per Bitcoin surpassed US$1,50 earlier today. This is quite an interesting price comparison, which indicates that Nigerians are paying a hefty premium for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is destined to make an impact in developing regions, even though it may not be for …
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Bitcoin Traders Should Explore Foreign Exchange Arbitrage Opportunities

Arbitrage in the cryptocurrency world is nothing new under the sun, as various exchanges seem to maintain different prices. However, these gaps are usually a few dollars worth at best. That situation has come to change, as trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies against particular fiat currencies may prove to be far more lucrative than anticipated. FX Turmoil Opens Reverse Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities When it comes to arbitraging Bitcoin exchanges, traders …
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Korean Exchange Korbit Adds Ethereum Trading Market

Another exchange platform has decided to add Ethereum to its list of trading markets. After this popular digital currency started making headway in Japan thanks to Coincheck, Korbit in Korea is the next platform to jump on the Ethereum bandwagon. Slowly but surely, Ether is catching up to Bitcoin regarding accessibility, although there is still a long way to go before the two can be properly compared. Also read: Digital …
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