ElectraPay is Another Altcoin Payment Solution no one Really Needs

Making cryptocurrency payments convenient and accessible remains crucial. A more competitors emerge, that process will go smoother over time. ElectraPay…

10 months ago

The First Mainnet OmiseGO Transaction has Been Completed

It is crucial for altcoin and blockchain projects to deliver on initial promises. OmiseGO appears to be on the right…

10 months ago

4 Smaller Altcoin Exchanges You may Have Never Heard of in 2019

In the cryptocurrency industry, trading Bitcoin and altcoins is crucial to keep most markets alive. Over the past few years,…

1 year ago

Unreal Engine 4 Game Developers can now Integrate NANO Payments & Rewards

Over the years, there have been multiple attempts to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and gaming. Other than a few…

1 year ago

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