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Airbnb Partners With Citi To Offer Immersive Asian Travel Experience

Partnerships between technology giants and financial institutions usually come as a surprise. Citi, well-known for its position in the banking sector, partnered with Airbnb for an Asian venture. In doing so, Citi cardholders will enjoy a more authentic travel experience. It is also the first time a bank is officially collaborating with Airbnb for such a venture. A Big Move for Airbnb During Asian Expansion Many people are familiar with …
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Ten Cities Collaborate On Regulatory Framework For Uber and Airbnb

Disruption is often greeted with a lot of opposition and harsh regulation. Doing so curbs enthusiasm and innovation at an early stage, and companies such as Uber and Airbnb are not making too many friends among governments and councils. But ten different cities around the world are actively collaborating with these companies for a proper regulatory framework. Collaboration Is Key For The Sharing Economy It is positive to see cities …
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Airbnb Acqui-hires Changetip Talent For Blockchain Exploration

When the sharing economy and blockchain technology come together, exciting things are on the horizon. Airbnb, a company that needs no further introduction, has acquired most of the ChangeTip team in a rather unexpected move. Also read: International Blockchain Trade Associations Launch The Global Blockchain Forum Airbnb and Changetip Leads to Something Unknown The first thought popping in people‚Äôs head leads to thinking Airbnb would start accepting Bitcoin payments all …
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