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Artificial Intelligence Will Suffer From Bias In The Same Way Humans Do

Artificial intelligence is often touted as the technology that will eventually reduce human error to zero. Moreover, this technology will be capable of taking over mundane tasks, allowing the human brain to be used for other important duties. But unlike what most people assume, artificial intelligence can be affected by bias– a rather troublesome aspect to think about, and one that should not be overlooked. Artificial Intelligence Bias Is A …
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Google’s DeepMind AI Is Now Capable Of Self-Teaching New Things

One of the primary selling points of artificial intelligence is how this technology can learn over time. Google, who developed DeepMind, recently bolstered their AI solution to make it learn new tricks faster. According to tests, DeepMind is now capable of learning close to 87% of expert human performance in games. This is an exciting development, although its real life use cases remain to be determined. Another Step Forward For …
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Now is The Time To See The Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, Rather Than Fear It

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising breakthroughs in the world of science and technology. By creating reliable intelligence, it becomes much easier to automate a lot of things taking place in our lives. But the shift towards a more AI-oriented world will not be without a price, as plenty of jobs will go away or transform into something different. President Barack Obama is rather hesitant when it comes …
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