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AI Crypto ICO, Started 1st presale on May 9

Singapore — AI Crypto announced they will start their first presale on May 9 for Artificial Intelligence Blockchain ‘AI Crypto’. It is noticeable that this project combined AI and blockchain, the two most attention received technologies lately. With these two technologies combined, a huge synergetic effect could be expected. According to AI Crypto, ‘AI Crypto Society’ is an alliance of AI researchers, developers and start-up companies to share the capabilities …
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AI Crypto Introduces AI Ecosystem Based on Blockchain

An AI ecosystem based on blockchain is now being developed by a start-up named AI Crypto. The AI Crypto team is trying to use the blockchain technology in the field of AI research to solve never-ending problems in AI development, such as pointless use of GPU resources and oligopoly of data needed in machine learning development by big corporations. Blockchain technology used in cryptocurrency mining wastes too much electricity, conducting …
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