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Papyrus Digital Advertising Ecosystem – Blockchain Goes Mainstream with a Durable Model for Transparency, Security, and Fair Play

What’s the internet for? Social media, games, YouTube videos, or your favorite publications? Not quite. The internet is for advertising. It’s advertising that is the blood and fuel and the main sponsor of the development of the web. For instance, take a look at the range of services offered by the tech giant Google: a web browser, a search engine, a mobile OS, an email service and many others—a truly …
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Google Will Track Offline Card Purchases to Keep Advertisers Happy

From a privacy point of view, the last thing you need is company tracking your offline payments. Most people would think it unlikely for any enterprise to do so. Leave it to Google engineers to come up with a way to do exactly this, and pass along the information to advertisers at the same time. Things are evolving in the wrong direction as far as financial privacy is concerned. Google …
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